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The Leadership Behaviors & Skills Program

How it Works:

  • Each of the Seven (7) Critical Behaviors & Skills is packaged as a module.
  • The modules progressively build on each other to form a holistic leadership system.
  • The optimal group size is up to 6 participants and each module is designed to create significant implementation traction for the group’s development participants over the course of 1 week.
  • The pace or schedule of development can be easily modified to suit the sponsoring leader, development participants, and organization.

The three (3) primary ways that behavioral content is integrated into the daily routine and practice of the participants:


Each of the 7 modules has an education component that takes approximately two (2) hours of consecutive classroom time, including Q&A, to disseminate the required conceptual building blocks.


After the education groundwork has been laid, the facilitator works directly with the participants to implement and execute on changes to participant leadership practice and routine that will improve their leadership capability. The changes identified for implementation and execution can be different for each participant.


Each participant completes a project of value to the sponsoring organization as one way of demonstrating growth in the critical behaviors and skills set with 90% of facilitator and participant time spent in mentoring and project activities.

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