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Leadership Behaviors & Skills Program

7 Modules To Build the Habits of High-Performing Leaders



1 - Communicates

Communicates with all stakeholders to exchange information critical to meeting expectations.

2 - Plans

Plans the utilization of resources necessary to meeting product and service delivery expectations.

3 - Measures

Measures characteristics and attributes of process output for decision-making and positively influencing the behavior of direct reports.

4 - Audits

Audits process and product by way of engaging the workforce to compare expected to actual performance of individuals and team and takes corrective action when necessary.

5 - Provides

Provides feedback, constructive discipline, recognition, rewards, and conflict resolution expertise to influence and reinforce behaviors biased toward meeting organizational goals and objectives.

6 - Develops

Develops skills and behaviors of individuals and teams to increase organizational capacity.

7 - Leads

Leads by exemplifying high-performance behaviors that translate to improved performance for self and team thus perpetuating the relevancy of the organization in the markets it serves.

How the Leadership Behaviors & Skills Development Program Works