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Why LBR – HR Professionals

HR Professionals

  • LBR brings development solutions to you.  We conduct development activities with participants when and where they work- that includes personnel on the off & back-shifts.
  • LBR understands that leaders have been asked to do more than ever before and that leaders have significant time management issues.  LBR development programs take this into account and are structured to increase leader’s time allocation effectiveness.
  • LBR development programs are not additional work for your people. All programs become aligned with management’s operating goals & objectives, and as such, the programs facilitate the work that your people have been tasked to accomplish.
  • LBR development programs calculate ROI as a regular deliverable of the program – all programs are geared toward demonstrating positive ROI upon completion of the program.
  • LBR development programs are active learning based- people learn best by doing. Studies show that active learning has a far greater impact than passive learning such as learning-at-your-own-pace webinars or presentation-heavy, lecture based courses.
  • LBR development programs combine hard and soft skills making it possible to weave this development into the company culture that leadership desires to create. In addition, LBR development programs all together form a “learning path” for those individuals who are capable of and aspire to a higher level of responsibility.
  • LBR development programs have consistently generated $2 to $4 for every $1 invested over the past 5 years.

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