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Why LBR – Senior Leaders


  • LBR is change management; not management consulting.  As such, we are action biased.
  • LBR works with your team to create lasting change and improvement – your team will elevate to another level of effectiveness working with us.
  • The big-name management consultant firms often spend months conducting a battery of analytics.  Often, during the time it takes them to analyze the problem or organization, LBR will have conducted the necessary analytics, and implemented and executed the solution with your team.
  • We will work with the back & off-shift people in your organization to ensure sustainability and their personal development.
  • LBR believes in developing mid-level leaders to deal effectively with the complexity of their role so that the business is poised for sustainable growth & efficiency.  The big-name management consultant firms often look to downsize mid-level management to demonstrate cost savings.
  • LBR has broad working experience leading companies & organizations; we can add value throughout the business:  operations, supply-chain, and sales.
  • LBR closes performance gaps quickly averaging >$6 for every $1 invested with us over the past 5 years (breakthrough results projects).

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