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Alignment Workshop for Organizational Leadership

Alignment Workshop Focus



To determine the current level of alignment within the leadership ranks of the organization, and to take concrete steps toward driving enhanced alignment to drive attainment of the company’s strategy.

How will the level of leader alignment be assessed?

LBR has found there are four (4) tell-tale indicators that exhibit the level of alignment that exists between the leadership (senior, mid-level, front-line) of an organization:

Leaders can articulate the vision & mission of the business in a way that can be messaged through-out the organization and externally to important stakeholders.

Leaders understand what actions do constitute or do not constitute directional alignment with the vision & mission of the business.

Leaders have a road-map that details what they will do to ensure conformity with the strategic direction of the business

Leaders are spending the requisite time to achieve the strategic ends of the business in a time-sensitive manner.

How the Alignment Workshop Works