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Alignment Workshop for Organizational Leadership

How It Works:

LBR will help the leadership team to see the real, underlying level of leader alignment in the business, measure it, and begin acting on it over the course of 4 days.  Our process includes a set of tools that the team will be equipped to use post-workshop to continually hone their level of alignment.

The basic structure of the workshop is laid out below, along with nominal leader time commitments.

  • Baseline – LBR measures the time leaders are allocating to the strategic ends of the business.  This current time allocation baseline will be necessary later in the workshop to craft the appropriate Path Forward.  This is conducted on the first day of engagement, and will be a sample.  Senior leaders need to devote 1.0 hr for kick-off and to clarify understanding of the process.  Thereafter, the 1st day is spent taking inventory of how the leaders are using their time.  Leaders need not change their schedules; we will find them and shadow them as needed.
  • Breakdown & Build-Up – The 2nd and 3rd days are devoted to exposing alignment gaps and driving closure.  A number of tools and exercises will be utilized by LBR – no prep is required by the organization’s leadership beforehand.  All leaders should be prepared to devote 4 hrs on the 2nd day, and on the 3rd day senior leader(s) need to devote 8 hrs, and the other leaders 6 hrs.
  • Path Forward – During the 4th day, LBR facilitates alignment around the critical next steps with the participant leadership team.  All leaders should be prepared to devote 4 hrs on the 4th day.


This structure allows leaders to engage the alignment process yet allows them time to deal with aspects of the “day job” during the span of the workshop. LBR’s time, in addition to that above, is spent on verifying, synthesizing and cataloging information that will be used by the leadership team to move the business forward and to communicate with other stakeholders important to their success.  The workshop is fast-paced and extremely interactive.  Outcomes of this workshop are greater clarity around expectations, improved team work, and the removal of barriers to organizational financial growth.

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