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Interim Leaders & Assessments

 When You Need Immediate Support

Interim Leaders


Interim Leaders

Interim Leaders  – when you need an experienced leader to step-in and step-up to meet your operational needs.  LBR’s experienced leaders can provide the interim support you need.

Leader New Hire Selection/Orientation – when you need to significantly increase the probability of success on-boarding a key leader into the business. LBR’s unique process for identifying candidates with the right fit is new knowledge for most organizations.


Breakthrough Road Map – how to solve an “over-arching problem” of the business.

World-Class Lean – understand where the business stands as a lean organization vs. world-class lean.

Quality Management – identify gaps or inherent risks in the organization’s quality systems, processes, and/or product conformance.

Organizational Alignment – determine the actual level of alignment that exists between senior, mid-level, and first-line leadership levels.

Leader Development & Readiness – determine leadership development gaps and/or readiness level of leadership for their respective roles.

Sustainability Audits – can be used after a breakthrough results focused-effort to continue leader habit formation and drive sustainability.

Optimal Inventory – determine the gap between current inventory levels and sustainable, optimal inventory levels.

Due Diligence – LBR resources can supplement the business analytics capability of your organization. Examples may include activity based costing and product line profitability.

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