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Analytical Problem-Solving Program

How it Works:

  • Each of the Four (4) Building Blocks in the program is packaged as a module.
  • The work incumbent in the modules is implementation & execution biased- people learn best by doing.
  • The optimal group size is 4 to 6 participants with each module designed to create significant implementation traction for the group’s participants over the course of 1 week.
  • Improvement projects are identified in the Assessment module. Progress toward solving the problems associated with those projects is initiated in the follow-on modules.
  • The pace or schedule of the program can be easily modified to suit the sponsoring leader, participants, and organization.
  • We find the most effective schedule is 8 weeks- 1 week of on-site work with facilitator & participants followed by 1 week of participant homework for each of the four (4) modules.
  • The participants conduct an update conference call of their progress during the interim follow-up homework week(s).
  • Each module is available and can be conducted as stand-alone development as well.

For a Customized Program or Train-the-Trainer Option -